Butt Plug Jewelry

Make that booty shine like a diamond!
Whatever your partner is expecting to see when you bend over, it's not this! Available in several sizes, these smooth, metal butt plugs are easy to insert, comfortable to wear, and fantastic for all experience levels. The slim stem and broad base keep the plug securely in place, even when things get wild! The spectacular sparkle of the gem embedded in the base will keep your lover's eyes exactly where you want them. Made of nickel-free aluminum allow, i...

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Lickster - Cunnilingus Training App

This app will make you a master of the tongue.
Lickster is a revolutionary new training game that will make you a cunnilingus pro lickety-split. 

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THE NAKED LIFE - “How little abstraction can art tolerate?” (2015)

THE NAKED LIFE - “How little abstraction can art tolerate?” (2015) Milo Moiré, nude, with a nude baby during the closing (2015/02/22) of “The naked life” in the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster (Germany) to celebrate the exhibition. Milo and the baby looked at the nudes in the exhibition and, because of their own nakedness, became a part of it. In celebration of the exhibition “The naked life” in the LWL Museum of Art and Culture, the performance artist Milo Moiré chal...

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Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with Angelika del Rio

Angelika del Rio from claudio taiana on Vimeo.

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Stephanie Nude Body Preview

This is a preview video of Stephanie's "Nude Body" photo shoot for Nude-Muse Magazine To see the full length version, join us at nude-muze.com


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The self-taught woman filmmaker Doris Wishman decided to go into the film business on her own. Recent legislation had allowed nudity to be seen in film if it was in the context of documentary footage. Wishman borrowed $10,000 from her sister, and became one of the few women directors in the 1950s and 60s.

DIARY OF A NUDIST (1961) from The Rogue Cap on Vimeo.

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Do women enjoy porn? If so, what types specifically, and why?

Dusk (www.dusk-tv.com) has spent many years researching porn for women. Here is a summary of the porna trends we have discovered! This is porna Real chemistry! People who are clearly and visibly enjoying each other. Both visible and audible. Horniness is truly credible and the passion simply jumps off the screen in porna. There is a convincing, tangible attraction between the people.
There is also attention for the woman’s experience. In porn for women, the scenes are also created...

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Nude (Cloting Optional) Sailing - Part 1

Nude Cruise & Nude Sailing in St. Maarten, F.W.I , Caribbean from Orient Beach in association with Club Orient.

Tiko Tiko Tintamarre Nude Cruise clothing optional charter

Disaster in Saint-Martin F.W.I.
Help Captain Philippe 

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Erotic culinary

Topic - love-erotic culinary, - will probably cause someone’s open protest. Someone will shrug his shoulders, grinning: well, what’s the connection between kitchen and erotic? However, probably there will be some ones (and they will be in majority), who will treat such an unusual kitchen conversation with an evident interest. Let’s be glad for them, as the information they’ll receive will be useful for them for sure

It will help to bring a freshness of sensations in a usual ...

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