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CNA0501 Bañista
Constantino Grandío López (1924-1977)

One of the most personal and progressively appreciated artists that Galicia has produced is Constantino Gradío López, known internationally as Tino Grandío.
He was a multi-awarded painter, and since he was very young, as in 1944 he obtained the Provincial de Lugo prize, which he obtained again nine years later in sculpture, an aspect that he cultivated sparingly. His compositions of figures are silhouettes, barely profiled, on which he stains with very stretched, occasionally thick, matter. Everything seems seen through a dense mist or fogged glasses. Grandío, a picturesque being, a big boy, sometimes great in his expressions, in love with everything popular in his country, worked in Galician Madrid. He was tender, gesticulating, reasoning and wild. Everything at the same time. He drew in an unclassifiable way, since formally his strokes were clumsy, almost bad, and yet they possessed such a strong personality, that they were enough to settle his thin painting, as if he wanted to save matter. Some of his paintings, such as the portrait of General Franco, of course imaginary, are already history of contemporary painting and history of Spain.

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