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CNA0505 Desnudo
Daniel González Poblete (1944)

Oil on panel
Hand signed
In good condition 
Sold with frame
Image size: 55×46 cm
The painting is in perfect condition and the frame presents several scratches.
Daniel González Poblete was born in Ciudad Real in 1944. He was passionate about painting from a very young age and began his pictorial career as a copyist in the Prado Museum at the age of fifteen. He is considered by some people as one of the most important painters of the last 50 years. The realism and hyper-realism of his works mark an era in the history of Spanish painting.
Meticulous and detail-oriented, Poblete does not settles for everyday and real life, but instead brings all his imaginative power to the painting. In his still life paintings, he seems to play with reality and paints it at his whim, overcoming the representative and moving us towards the ephemeral of nature, where a magical world of drops, melted paper and thread stitches make us wonder: who can think of sewing an apple?
A great display of technique, an incredible use of texture in painting, a master of transparencies and reflections. It is surprising to see how far this artist can go with his sensitivity, precision and brush mastery. The light in his paintings attains directly the soul.

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